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Building Health From Within

Covid-19 Office Policy

We think it’s important to surround ourselves with a community of like minded individuals with the same goals.

We take the health of our community and our role as your provider very seriously.

My intention in this message is to inform you of the many steps we are continuing to take at Align Your Spine Chiropractic- Louisville to create a better establishment and to ensure the health and safety of all of our members.

Effective immediately, until further notice, the following conditions and protocols are in place and we ask that you do your part when arriving to our office:

(These policies may change with the ever-evolving circumstances)

As of April 27,2020, We are currently OPEN to serve YOU with our standard operating hours. Existing practice members and new patients are welcome!!

Our “stay in your car” policy began in March 2020 for our patients and will continue until further notice. When you arrive for your scheduled appointments, we kindly request that you remain in your car until we flag you in or call us at 502-434-7007 to inform us that you are here.

We are continuing to take extra measures to protect you, including using a medical grade cleaner throughout the office and on all chiropractic tables. This is used after each patient visit and on common countertops, door knobs, restrooms and regularly regardless of patient volume.

Patient Hand-washing and MASKS:

All patients will be instructed to wash their hands or sanitize their hands upon entering the office. Further, we have removed all magazines and toys from our office to prevent the spreading of germs. Hand sanitizer and soap are abundant throughout our office.

All visitors to our office are asked to wear a cloth mask or face covering. If you do not have access to this please notify us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. All employees at our office will wear surgical masks, cloth masks or N95 masks.

A pre-visit questionnaire/COVID- screening will be asked verbally when you enter the office at the time of your visit.


If you or someone in your family is currently or has experienced ANY symptoms of illness (including fever, cough, or flu-like symptoms) during the last 14 days before your scheduled appointment, please notify us as soon as possible. We will happily reschedule your appointment to a future date at least two weeks after your latest reported date of being symptom free.

If you are advised by a healthcare professional to “self-quarantine” yourself due to recent travel OR potential exposure to COVID-19, or been around others who have had potential exposure to the virus, please notify us as soon as possible. We will happily reschedule your appointment to a future date at least two weeks after the end date of your self-quarantine period.

My entire team, including myself, are under strict orders to monitor our own health and any potential symptoms of illness. In the event that anyone from my team experiences any symptoms of illness, each affected person must self-quarantine away from the office for a period of at least 2 weeks after the latest reported date of being symptom free and be cleared by the health department to return to work. NOTE: Our schedule may need to be adjusted according to available doctor and/or team members if this situation arises.

As healthcare providers, we realize that our patients need their care. Over the years, we have provided chiropractic care to our patients during various periods of stress and uncertainty. We recognize that many find their care to be an essential service during these times. You can count on us being here to serve you.

All of us at Align Your Spine Chiropractic-Louisville understand that this issue is impacting everyone. We are committed to keeping the health and well-being of our patients and communities we serve as our top priority.

Please fill out this form before your visit:

No matter what your age, and no matter what your problem, we want to help! Contact us today! Have more questions about you or child and want to find out if chiropractic would be good for you? Then give us a call at 502-434-7007, we want to help you!

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